30 junho, 2009


michael jackson Thinking about Michael Jackson's death, once more, my belief that God has given to man the permission to be responsible by his own destiny became stronger inside me.

Came to my mind the histories of two black American boys, both of them, with a poor background.

One of them sooner in life became famous and, as a result, earned a lot of money and his image reached the musical world around the globe.

The other, until a couple of years ago, was completely unknown, even in his own country.

The first of them choose to remain an eternal child and this choice has put an end on his life.

The second one pursued his goals with maturity and this choice made him Presidend of the United States of America.

This capacity of choosing the true or the wrong option in terms of maturity made all the difference between the lives of Michael Jackson and Barack Obama.

Life is not a joke. Are you ready to make the right decision?

Tony Ayres

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  1. Parabéns pelo seu site! Deus conserve a sua sabedoria para instruir e orientar os seus irmãos em Cristo! Deus te abençoe, Dilma


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