09 junho, 2009


Bulimia-Tips-And-Tricks All of us are already familiar with eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.These eating disorders are known, since famous people (such as models, for example) are the subject of stories reported in the major media, especially when they are too skinny and anorexic .

Less known, but equally dangerous are the syndrome of ortorexia, whose main symptom is the obsession for natural food.

The pacient of ortorexia begins to limit his food, making a rigorous screening. He does not eat canned products nor industrialized or artificial ones, especially those produced with sugar or pesticides.

The ortorexos have a concern with not harm the health, at any price. For this reason, they avoid any food that they consider dangerous to develop diseases.

They become obsessive and spend most of their days planning their meals, which ultimately harm other áreas of their lives, especially in the social aspect.

The disease may progress to anorexia or bulimia, reaching mainly young women. Often it evolves also for depression, which predisposes the patient to the risk of death.

The disorder of ortorexia is therefore very serious and treatment should be multidisciplinary, involving physicians, psychologists and nutritionists.

To be successful, it is of fundamental importance also to have family support.

Tony Ayres

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