04 outubro, 2009

Dream Your Dream And Have a Gratifying Life

dreaming-a-dream Joseph's brothers of Egypt did not take seriously his dream, that only caused angry in them because of the the boy's "claim". Even his father reprimanded him with hard words, because of his reporting of it, in a child way".

But Joseph himself never stopped believing in his dream. It was it, in fact, that directed his whole life to the great purpose that it had. Well: José dreamt when he was only 17 years old. And his dream only had complete fulfilment, when he was 40; in other words, 23 years later.

This is a true lesson for all the "accommodated ones" with the bad life of always, that they survive complaining of the nuisance in which their days are elapsing; but doing nothing to change things.


Do you remember when we were children? The way as we were dreaming about what we would be, when we were growing? When we were meeting in small grroups, it was a multitude of "future" doctors, teachers, engineers, pilots of airplane, air hostesses, models, dressmakers, dancers and thereabouts...

Suddenly, it goes from the childhood to the adolescence and from this to the youth, when, normally, people is already "well employed " in a bank, in a registry office, in a great shop or in a multinational enterprise.

There, the salary was "improving", the time was going by and, when the person realized, the life had ran out. It went on a half of the existence or more than a half. Quite often, someone is already financially successful, but .... bored with the kind of activity that is being practising.


" It is too late to change ", " I am very old to start again ", " that would not be right ", " I cannot lose the security I have " are some of the myths that keep on maintaining the persons slaves; and that need be knocked down.

In the inner part of each one, they translate the cowardice or the fear because doing changes is, generally, source of great insurances.


However, it is always time of retaken the old dream, of stopping postponing happyness. Why not to think about and to follow your heart? What do you think of using the maturity you already have obtained and go ahead with the realization of the things you always dreamt about?

It can be that course of violin, that wish of knowing the secrets of cookery, that nursing career, that pilot's license, that time-table as announcer of the local radio or that postponed wish of writing the book you always wanted see published.

Think about that. Perhaps it is exactly now the time to change your way of thinking, to begin to carry out your dream and to to give yourself the chance of beeing well succeed and happy.

Tony Ayres

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